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Realm of Chaos: Dark Elf Champion of Nurgle

Occasionally I like to generate random champions of chaos using the old Realms of Chaos rulebooks.  I like to draw them so that I can see how they change over time.  Anyway, here is the most recent one.

Jarzel was a Level 5 Dark Elf Wizard.  He began his path down the road to damnation equipped only with a short bow and Seeking Arrows, which automatically hit their target.  His stats are:

M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A   LD  INT    CL   WP   Save
5     5      4    4  3   1   6  1    8   10+1  10+1  9+1  None

Jarzel became a champion of Nurgle.  He received +1 Toughness (and becomes thicker) and a Chaos Attribute: Zoological Mutation (Tiger Nose).
Jarzel survived a few skirmishes in the Chaos Wastes which brought him before the Eye of Nurgle for judgment.  He didn't have six gifts or six attributes, so Nurgle rewarded him with a might chaos weapon, a sword, with the Wounding property.  Each wound becomes d3 wounds.  Since he is a wizard, he also receives +1 Attack and +1 Wound.  Nurgle favors this one!  He must have felt bad about the silly tiger nose.
M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A   LD  INT    CL   WP   Save
5     5      4    4  3   2   6  2    8   10+1  10+1  9+1  None

Armed with his magical arrows and chaos sword, Jarzel fared will for himself in the chaos wastes.  Nurgle granted him Bestial Face: Face of a Beast of Nurgle, for his efforts.  Jarzel now has 1 Fear Point.

Perhaps because of his freakish looks, or perhaps because Jarzel's new faces has twisted his mind, the dark elf wizard received the Frenzy Chaos Gift.  (I didn't have to draw anything, which was fine with me.)  A few more battles, a few more defeated foes, and Jarzel was ready for another reward.  This time he received a chaos attribute :Iron Hard Skin.  This gives the champion a 3+ saving throw.  Wow, he's turning into a rough customer.
M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A   LD  INT    CL   WP   Save
5     5      4    4  3   2  6  2    8   10+1  10+1  9+1  3+

The legend of Jarzel grew, and more enemies fell beneath his mighty bow and sword.  His iron hard skin made him nearly invulnerable.  His next reward was another chaos gift: Brightly Patterned Skin (Vertically Divided).  Since this is a black and white drawing I made one side darker than the other.  He reminds me a bit of Kaleb Daark.

His next reward was a chaos attribute, but it was a fine one.  His left arm became an organic bolter that never runs out of ammunition.  Since he only has one hand, he decided to give his bow and arrows to a member of his retinue (which I will generate one day).  With a chaos sword, bolter, and spells, plus iron hard skin, Jarzel is a fearsome opponent.

Jarzel slaughtered many foes with his new bolter, and his next reward brought him once again before the Eye of Nurgle for judgment.  He still was not ready for spawndom or deamonhood, so he was awarded with another attribute for his chaos weapon and +1 Attack and +1 Wound.  Nurlge must have great plans for this one.
M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A   LD  INT    CL   WP   Save
5     5      4    4  3   3  6  3    8   10+1  10+1  9+1  3+

His next chaos reward granted him a gift, a Beast of Nurgle, and the next was a disgusting Trail of Slime, and Gift of Nurgle.

His next reward was another gift, a Palanquin of Nurgle.  I didn't want to draw it, but I might some other time.  Following this gift, he received another attribute, he became a chaos were.  When he frenzies he must take a CL test.  If he fails, he warps into his were form, which is a giant with d6 attributes.  This attribute was a bad one, because now Jarzel has six, and with six, if he faces the Eye of Nurgle again, he will be turned into a chaos spawn.
I didn't want to draw his were form either.  Quite frankly I was getting a bit annoyed with how long this champion has lingered in the chaos wastes.  I decided to give him one more roll hoping that it would be the Eye of Nurgle, but it turned out to be another chaos gift, a Biting Tongue. 

So there you have it.  A mighty champion of Nurgle who's fate is sealed.  He has seven chaos gifts and six chaos attributes.  Nurgle may favor him on the mortal plane, but Jarzel will never sit at Nurgle's side in the Warp.


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