Thursday, April 18, 2013

Citadel Chaos Centaurs

And here is the next group of Citadel miniatures, a unit of five chaos centaurs.  I'll probably say they have light armor, which  makes the cost 40 points each.  This 200 point allied force brings my army to just under 600 points (580 points to be exact).  Chaos allies can account for 50% of the army's point value, so I can load up on chaos centaurs and chaos dwarves if I want to.  I'll be close to 1,000 points by adding a sorcerer and the general.  More to come soon!  (The sorcerer is almost done.)


  1. These are excellent! My own Chaos horde is sadly lacking in centaurs at the moment... and beastmen in general. I've gone heavy on Thugs and Chaos Dwarves... but these fire up the urge to add more fur.

  2. Thank you. I'm either going to have chaos hounds or a unit of thugs next. I have 8 thugs with pistols. Two more and I can field a unit. Kind of an interesting unit, but maybe not that tough.

  3. Nice! The centaurs don't get much love on the Oldhammer scene. Nice to see some painted up so well. Bring on the dwarfs!